ICWUDT: Eyes of Horus and Ra




In building off of the Abe Lincoln is the Keeper of the Ark, and further proving this link, I will now identify the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus. They are two separate eyes, located in two separate locations. The ONLY thing I am not 100% about, is which location is what eye. Though I believe I have labelled them correctly, I will leave that door open enough in case I have not. But these ARE definitely the eyes. This will be a short post, so lets begin:


1. Eye of Horus

  • The first image is the generally accepted depiction of the Eye of Horus. This depiction is also the same for the Eye of Ra. The symbol represents both:




  • Up until this point, I have had no reason or need, to research this topic. Especially in context with my Abraham Lincoln research. Meaning, I was not looking for this, yet. I was fully immersed in my Abe and the Ark story. Until, I got to the part about “Aarons Rod” or “Ra on a door”. Once I confirmed “Ra on a door”, I kind of, may be, “found” Ra? Atleast, found his\her door? Now, was\is there anything else of Ra’s here? This question sent me back to Ra 101 class. Re-researching everything previous covered for anything relevant to this new information. This is where I became reacquainted with the Eye of Ra\Horus. So, Ra’s “door” is here, is his “eye” here as well in some form or fashion? I started re-reviewing all my Lincoln Memorial pictures. I was looking for this symbol, when I noticed the “circle” that encompassed the Lincoln Memorial and thought, “the Eye of Ra symbol has a circle”? So I pulled up Google maps, googled the “Lincoln Memorial’ and identified this circular pattern. See below for original unremarked image, followed by the same map image with the “circle” highlighted:



eye of horus ra6



eye of horus ra64



  • I have a tentative match, to a non-random, circular pattern. Non-random meaning, I have followed a logical series of steps which has placed me at the above doorstep, looking at that “circle”.  That “circle” will be highlighted below in a side-by-side image of the Eye symbol with the map image of DC, nearest the Lincoln Memorial:



eye of horus ra640i





  • Now, we need four more pieces to form Ra’s Eye: the eye “beak”, the eye “tail” and the front “leg” and the spiral ending line. These are highlighted below:






  • Are these present here in DC around this circle? Lets start with the “beak”, see below image with the “beak” area highlighted then added to the overall image:








  • By using the lines of the intersection, I can formulate an interesting match for a “beak”. Moving on to the front “leg”, see below for this area highlighted then added to the overall image:








  • Again, the layout of the surrounding traffic pattern appears to fit. Moving on to the “swirl” line, see below image of the “swirl’ area highlighted:








  • And another piece of the traffic pattern matches. Only one piece remains, the eye “tail”. Anyone “see” the eye tail before I point it out? Anyyyyything there that could represent that long drawn out line behind the eye? That “anything” is highlighted below:








  • And the famous strip of DC Land for the win. This is your Eye of Horus\Ra. Or the muse behind the portrait.
  • In conclusion, the Eye of Ra\Horus is represented by the unique layout surrounding the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.



I was planing on covering both “eyes” in this posting but it got late, so I will cover that in part two. Meanwhile feel free to browse some of my latest content that includes the aforementioned “Lincoln is the Ark Man” piece and my award winning (giggle) expose on Jesus and Mary. Links below:

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