ICWUDT: Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary

bj map

“The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand.” -Frank Herbert

I have found what I believe, is the real life representation of the Baby Jesus\Jesus. I have also found what I believe to be, the real life representation of the Virgin Mary. This is a long post so I am just going to jump right in. But before unveiling the Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary (obviously you can cheat and scroll down but after the “what the wut?” hits, you’ll find yourself right back here), I need you to “see” some historical artwork by some of the world’s most famous Artists. The below pieces cover a scene referred to as the “Adoration of the Magi”. A scene in which Noblemen\Wise Men (Magi) come to pay their respects to the Baby Jesus and Mary. In the following pictures, I want you to pay particular attention to the hands and feet of the Baby Jesus. I also want you to pay attention to the angle of Mary’s face, which way it faces and her waterlicious, blue robe. Here are several pictures depicting the “Adoration of the Magi”:

1. This “Adoration of the Magi” piece is by Diziani Gaspare. Notice the outstretched hand of the baby Jesus. Notice a single foot of baby Jesus being depicted. Finally, notice Mary’s face is pointed at a down angle, facing left. All these subtleties are clues to the whereabouts of Mary and the Baby Jesus.



2. “Adoration of the Magi” by Bernardo Cavallino. Baby Jesus with an arm extended and one of the Magi are holding and kissing a single foot. Mary’s head tilted down and facing left.



3. Unknown “Adoration” artist. Mary’s face tilted down and facing left. Mary is also emphasizing Baby Jesus’s foot by holding on to it. Baby Jesus with arm outstretched fashioning a hand sign:



4. “Adoration” by Filippino Lippi. Once again a single foot is extended by Baby Jesus with not much of an arm extension noted. Mary’s head down and facing left. Also notice the golden halos about the head of Baby Jesus, Mary and a wise man. I am not really sure what they represent but I will attempt to locate the representation like I have with Baby Jesus and Mary.


5. Another “Adoration” piece, this one by Botticelli. A single foot of Baby Jesus is being held with a little bit of an arm extension. Mary facing down and to the left:



6. Another unknown author of an “Adoration” piece. Baby Jesus has arm and a single foot extended. Mary once again facing left and down. Also, the circular gold halos are back:

The Epiphany is depicted in a mural titled

7. Not sure on the author for this “Adoration” painting but the similarities are still present. Baby Jesus arm extended with someone holding a single foot. Mary is again facing left with her head down. Gold discs.


8. “Adoration” by DaVinci. Baby Jesus arm extended with only a single foot showing. Mary’s face pointed down but not necessarily to the left:


9. Another untitled “Adoration” painting shows Baby Jesus hand extended with a person holding and kissing a single foot. Mary is facing left with her head down:


10. Last example. This is an “Adoration” painting by Da Fabriano. Baby Jesus has his arm extended while a Magi kisses a single foot. Mary has her head down. Golden halos present:

AdorationOfTheMagi-Da Fabriano

What you have just seen are the same subtleties, repeated by several different artists. They hint to the real life location of both the baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Essentially, if one were trying to locate the Virgin Mary on Earth, one would expect her face to be pointing left at an angle facing downward after viewing these paintings. One would also expect to find the Baby Jesus nearby as well, since she holds him in every depiction. Conversely, one searching for the baby Jesus, should look for something that has a single foot with an extended arm. And due to the enormity of his story, I would expect an equally enormous representation. Thanks in part to all the wonderful “Adoration of the Magi” pieces and one tiny little misspelling, I believe I have been able to locate both. The misspelled sign was “godbye Babylon”. An obvious misspelling of the word “goodbye” but I took it as a sign and started pondering\researching “God is by Babylon”.

God is by Babylon. God is by Babylon. Baby. God is by Babylon. Baby. God is by…Hudson Bay?? Could it be my Hudson Bay guy? The only larger than life anomaly in this area not properly vetted yet? God is the “Dwarf of the Medici”?? This answer starts below:

A. In researching the “Dwarf of the Medici” aka Braccio di Bartolo aka Nano Morgante (all the same person), I came across the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. Here resides a sculpture\statue of Nano Morgante. See below for image of this piece:


The depiction is of a small portly man riding a turtle. The old Indian name for North America is Turtle Island. In reinterpreting this piece, Nano Morgante is depicted as sitting atop or riding North America. In finding this image a year ago, I knew I had a tentative match to my Hudson Bay “guy”. But is he “God”? I’ll continue on unanswered but before we do, did you notice his extended right arm? Have you seen this somewhere before?

B. In researching further the Boboli Gardens, I came across the Uffizi. The Uffizi is a renowned Art Museum in Florence, Italy. I asked myself, any Dwarf of the Medici art present here? I Googled “Nano Morgante Uffizi” and found the lack of any additional artwork, deafening. How is there no Art covering this larger than life land image? “Adam” has numerous authored pieces of Art and is nearly an eighth of its size. Surely this monstrous creation had to of been chronicled somewhere, somehow, in some MAJOR fashion. Because this is not your run of the mill, every day, ordinary, land image. It’s immense. The undertaking for creating such a land image had to be, beyond immense. This alone requires the story itself to be immense. Soo, what IMMENSE World story would fit this massive geographical land feature?

I found that answer in the Uffizi search as I came across the below image from their gallery:

AdorationOfTheMagi-Da Fabriano

The above painting is of the Adoration of the Magi by Fabriano. The scene depicts Kings and Wisemen paying tribute to the Baby Jesus and Mother Mary. Jesus! The Virgin Mary! Two of the biggest figures known to mankind!? “Immense” story – check!

In reading this “story” or painting, I immediately noticed the outstretched arm of the baby Jesus. Then I noticed the “Magi” kissing the foot of baby Jesus. I instantly started drawing parallels and making circumstantial connections to the “Dwarf of the Medici” land image. “See” my massive geographical land feature has two very distinct features, besides looking like a giant, chubby baby. It has an extended “arm” and only one “foot”. And from what was covered above, these connections were present almost universally, in all pieces detailed. Meaning the concept is universally understood and practiced.

C. Time for that land image. Here is a Google Map image of what I originally believed to be, the Dwarf of the Medici. After viewing the “Adoration of Magi” pieces, I now believe it may also represent the Baby Jesus\Jesus. Yes, as ridiculous as that sounds, I am suggesting the following earth feature\image containing the Hudson Bay, is the muse for the Baby Jesus\Jesus story\myth. And I COULD NOT BE MORE SERIOUS!

map image1

map image4

map image3


D. Now Google the Hudson bay and zoom all the way out. Mr Nano Morgante now appears to be riding North America or riding Turtle Island!!! I doubt anyone will be convinced merely upon seeing this land image. I suspect my audience will want and require more. I get it. This is usually all I need but I have more for you. To harken back to a comment I made earlier, if we were to find the Baby Jesus, Mother Mary should be here to. Specifically when found, her face should be pointed downward, at an angle and facing left. Kind of like in the below picture:

google map image of mary

E. Old stone face aka Mary. Scrambling to look at the color of her face in all the “Adoration of the Magi” pictures eh? Outside of a few “rouge” added pictures her face is usually stone white. While you are scrambling also notice her blue robe in all the pictures. I believe this depicts the water surrounding her. This land feature is what I believe to be, the muse behind the Virgin Mary myth. Figure out why her conception was immaculate yet?

To finish this lengthy post, I will leave you one more confirming connection. A connectable found again within the “Adoration of the Magi”. Specifically in the below piece of artwork:


Notice the pyramid in the background? Notice the stone, ball like shape sitting atop this structure? Notice that this is placed near the Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary? Soo, it should be located near the Baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary, right? It is. See below image (click on pic for larger image):


The pyramid is located at the end of the outstretched hand of the Baby Jesus land image. The stone ball atop is also present and accurately depicted as slightly off center or tipping. The below image is a zoomed in shot to the “ball” or island that represents the “ball”:

killiniq island

Killiniq Island represents the “ball” as depicted atop the pyramid. Killiniq Island. “Killin IQ” Island. Hmmm, interested to know the Native translation for the word “Killin IQ”. I mean it can’t mean the obvious, right? Anyways, as you can see, Bush Island is also here. And for some reason, I do not think its name was derived from the plant\tree. Lastly, Cape Chidley Islands caught my attention. For no other reason than “see”ing the word “child” in “Chidley”. Specifically “Child ey” or “Ye Child” or “The Child”. Sooo yea, “The Child” Islands are located next to THE CHILD, the Baby Jesus. Cant make this stuff up and as you can see, I am not.

That is all I have for now on this topic. My next post on this topic will be an outline of all my evidence. Essentially a top ten list of all my heavy hitting material to fill in this picture a bit more. Still highly circumstantial and the reason I will remain silent, on the bigger picture meaning for now.

EDIT: I forgot to address the golden halos\circles\discs. I am aware of the general interpretations of these circular shapes and the varied meanings for their inclusion in literature and Art. Outside of this surface knowledge, I have nothing else to offer until I can research the subject more. I really hadn’t planned to dig to deeply into what these circular inclusions meant. I was completely focused on Mary and the Baby Jesus. And once they were found this detail seemed trivial. Well, trivial up until I came across the Dewey Soper Bird Sanctuary and saw this:

circular land shapes

A freakish amount of circular land shapes. Some wet and some dry. They dot the coastline where the “eyes” of the Baby Jesus are assumed to be. This unique pattern is not duplicated elsewhere within this region or nearby regions. Its completely anomalous. Mine pits, bomb site, Alien airport? It means something because it sits at the face of this Baby Jesus\Jesus land image. It means something because the artwork says it does. What the golden halos or these circular land shapes mean right now, I have not an idea. But I am certain from my previous findings, that it may mean something like this. Something anomalously weird.