ICWUDT: The Well of Urd




“Every great discovery I ever made, I gambled that the truth was there, and then I acted in faith until I could prove its existence.” -Arthur H. Compton



Two nights ago, I realized I had made an oversight. I realized, I had not attempted a search for the third and last, mythological “Well”. See, in this mythological “World” there are three of these “Wells”. Until recently I was finishing up my research on one of these “Wells”, the “Well of Mimir”. That discovery is apart of my Aquarius series. This was my next post until the above realization hit. Why no love for the “Well of Urd”? Well let me correct that oversight by presenting to you my research into the “Well of Urd” and where it may be located today!

See below for an historical depiction of Ygddrasil, the Norse Tree of Life. This diagram represents the supposed layout of the world. Heaven, Hell and what have you. Worlds that are “supposed” to be independent of each other and not one and the same. Reached only by “inter-dimensional portals” that purportedly connect, these independent dimensions or “Worlds”: (Note: “Well of Urd” is spelled “Well of Wyrd’ here. Interchangeable.)





This is the purported location of the “Well of Urd” in relation to the layout of the “World”. Notice that this “Well” shares the same plain or level or “world” as Asgard. See below for the same image with Asgard highlighted in black:





I have cropped the above image to only show the Upper level where the “Well of Urd” and Asgard are located. Due to the myriad of fantastical locations present, I do not want you to be distracted by all the fodder and want to keep your focus here, on the Asgard “level”. Cropped image below:








Okay, that was me setting the table. Here is the meal. How I found the “Well of Urd”:


  1. One of the first avenues I drive down when researching a new topic, are searching for any\all historical images associated with the subject. In this case, I searched Google Images for the “Well of Urd”.  There are several historical depictions of scenes at this “Well”. The scenes are usually populated with “The Norns”. The “Norms” are depicted as three women who weave the fates and destinies of humanity at the “Well of Urd”. These are what you will see in the below historical depictions of the “The Well of Urd”:





“See” or notice the positioning of the three women in all the pictures.






Positioning again. Notice the pattern of 3 swirls on the tree. The lower two appear be apart of an embedded image. Speaking of embedded images, lets get started by using the below representation of the “Well of Urd”. This is where my initial “I See What You Did There” discovery took place.






2. Upon studying this portrayal for a few minutes, I noticed what I thought was an embedded owl within the middle woman. See same picture below with the “owl” outlined:



just owl1


3. I then asked myself, what story do I know that involves a large to giant owl? Only one answer returned when I hit enter: The giant stone owl at the Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County, California. A meeting place of the worlds elite that is shrouded in secrecy and seemingly ripe with ritualistic overtones. Knowing this and knowing the myth surrounding the “Well of Urd”, I was pretty sure I was on the right track. See, the “Well of Urd” was also a meeting place of very important people. Specifically, it was the meeting place of the Gods. A place where the fates and destinies of all humans, animals and life were determined, by these Gods. Of which the same can be inferred from what is known about the gatherings at the Bohemian Grove. See below for a relevant “Well of Urd” excerpt in which it details this godly meeting:


“Each day, the gods ride over Bifröst to their meeting place at the Well of Urd”



4. One important meeting place with a confirmed owl and another important meeting place with a potential owl. The pattern lover in me is already starting to become excited. Now, lets get a look at that grove of the Bohemians with the giant stone owl. See below for a few Google images of the grove:






Take heed of the following when viewing these depictions; the owl, the alter area, the giant redwood\tree and the lake with dockside approach. These are all very important pieces to solving this puzzle.






Notice the obvious giant owl. Also take note of the large tree to the right of it. I believe it carries high significance. Also, the lake and the raised alter like area in front of the owl. Here is a more modern view of this area:






Here is another:






Up until this last image of the Bohemian Grove, I had bubkus besides the owl correlation. Without a second, confirmational connection, this line of thinking was slowly starting to fizzle out. That is, until this heavenly masterpiece of an image appeared before me in all its glory.





Not enough thank you’s in the world exist, that could express my new found admiration and profound appreciation for the author or poster of this picture. This discovery does not happen without this image and I am universally thankful for the clue. Now that the thanks are out of the way, I will commence the dissection of this image.

To quickly recap, I am looking for the mythical “Well of Urd”. This Well resides near Asgard, the home of the Gods. The thought is, if I find this Well, I find Asgard. In researching the “Well of Urd, I discovered what looks like an large owl in one of the historical depictions. In searching for large owl correlations, I remembered that the events surrounding the Bohemian Grove in California involved a large owl. In researching the Bohemian Grove, I came across a picture that answered everything and participated in the making of a little history. Here is that history…


5. I will now lineup these two images side by side and highlight the connections that I “see” between them. In the end you will “see” that both images are actually depicting the exact same scene. Meaning, they are the same place. Below you will find this initial image minus any markings or highlights. Moving forward, I will only be editing one the two images provided, leaving the other for unobstructed observation.


unedited mashup


Beginning my examination, I will start by highlighting the owl you have previously seen:



unedited mashup1


I have one confirmation in the matching owls, that the Bohemian Grove may be the Well of Urd. Now I needed another confirmation to kick the pacemaker up a notch. So I asked myself, what else matches up between these two images? I answered with the area now highlighted in white:



unedited mashup3


The white swan on water in the “Well of Urd” depiction matches nicely with the white boat on water, in the Bohemian grove image. I thought the use of the Swan to depict a boat quite amusing and confirming. As with any good, find the treasure\secret movie or story, one usually needs to unlock the hardest piece first in order to have any success. That piece is always and obviously, the first piece. The second is equally unforgiving but once solved, the pace of the remaining pieces to be discovered, picks up in frequency. This is because, the knowledge acquired from solving the first few pieces is now used to solve any future\further pieces. Essentially, once you “See What They Did There”, the end goal becomes clearer and appears closer. And after connecting the swan dot, I finally saw and was able to confirm, what they did here. Thus making the swan connection, my second confirmation that the “Well of Urd” could be the Bohemian grove. This next connection or my third confirmation will conclusively prove that the “Well of Urd” as detailed in this picture, is depicting the historical scene at the Bohemian grove. Simply meaning, this proves that the “Well” IS the grove. See the historical third confirmation below highlighted in blue:



unedited mashup4


The area highlighted in blue is the alter area. And if you look closely, you can “see” an alter area subtly infused into the “Well of Urd” depiction. The knees of the two sitting women resemble the sides of the bohemian grove alter area. The two stone like mounds to the right and left of the alter. You can actually make out what looks to be steps in between the two women leading up to the lady standing. In this context and to me, it looks like another match or connection. Throw in the last miscellaneous connections of the water\lake with a dockside approach and the large redwood tree pictured, then my dissection is complete! My resulting conclusion; the “Well of Urd” is the Bohemian Grove and the Bohemian Grove is the “Well of Urd”!!! History! Sweet, hand trembling, heart bursting and incredibly hilarious history! The mythological god meeting place is the current god meeting place….bahahah. Simply hilarious in its literalness and exactness. Love funny people! Love it! But history making is exhausting and this post felt like I gave birth to a novel. A part two will be spun up shortly to further expound upon the findings made here. As always, I hope you enjoyed my fresh approach on such a seemingly, mundane topic.


The “Home of the Gods” is up next sooooo fetch me Wil Wheaton! Sorry, wrong show…..fetch me Asgard!


Edit: Forgot to add this….the the Bohemian Grove club motto is: “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”.  In the first “Well of Urd” depiction above, there is a spider in the upper left hand corner. Not to mention that all the depictions show the women “weaving”!!! Another circumstantial tidbit.

Edit2: Another forgotten tidbit…Redwood. Take the “red” from redwood and rearrange. I get “erd”. Which sounds exactly the same as “Urd”, as in the “Well of Erd\Urd”. Redwood=Urdwood?