ICWUDT: The World Elephant




The story of the World’s Elephant goes as follows: The world rests on the back of four giant elephants, all of whom stand on the back of a giant World Turtle. Of whom, stands on another turtle, then another turtle. Essentially the phrase is “turtles all the way down”.

Outside of a few different interpretations, 7 elephants instead of 4, the turtle flies or swims, this is one of the generally accepted World creation stories. Before the above picture, I knew of the World Elephant and of the World Turtle myth in passing. Never researched or even considered researching. It wasn’t until coming across this image on my Facebook feed, that I took notice and formally saw “what they did there”. And its, insane. Crazy. Ludicrous. Beyond mind blowing and bending.  This cant be real life!!! It is all of that and then some. But it is definitely “Real”.

Sooooo, what does a World Turtle or Elephant look like? At this point in time, I do not know what a World Turtle looks like (yet) but I do know what and where the World’s Elephant is and now, so do you. Presenting for the first time ever, the World Elephant:






Yes, it’s the same photo from above. Why? Because, that’s where he is, in this photo. If you cannot see the giant, World Elephant, I outline him below:








Here is a different globe view of the same World Elephant:



larger elephant image


larger elephant image2



That folks, is the World Elephant. Or what I believe is the muse behind the World Elephant myth\story. What this means at this time, no idea. Just found it and with the Baby Jesus\Mary finding, I have had no time to research further. In the little I have been able to do, I found an interesting little “connectable” or confirming piece of evidence at the end of our World Elephants trunk. Why trunk you ask? Because they specifically say the word trunk, which again, means something. What was said? See below passage:


“But the Vedas mention only one elephant and the world spins at the end of his trunk.”


“Spins at the end of his trunk”,  an odd and equally interesting phrase\riddle. Without knowing where or what the World Elephant is or his whereabouts, this line is undecipherable. Without the knowledge of the Elephants whereabouts, this sentence is only subject to opinion based interpretations. Words. Whereas, I can maybe offer up something a little more than words. I can show you in real life, where the “spinning” happens. See below map picture of Greece:



spinalonga island



In the above image, the trunk of the Worlds Elephant ends at the Aegean Sea coastline of Turkey. Somewhere around here, in some form or fashion, the world “spins” at the end of this “trunk”. And thanks to a super “smart” colleague, we have a real life “spins” representative. Meet the Greek Island of Spinalonga (wide shot first then zoomed in shot):



spinalonga island3


spinalonga island1



In the category of “you can’t make this stuff up”, we have Spinalonga Island. Spinalonga being a name with no known translation into any language. Surprising? Not for I, as I believe life may be a game and in games you find these types of connections. “Spin-a-long” Island. “Spin a long”. Sooo, the World spins at the end of the World Elephant’s trunk and at the end of the World Elephants trunk is and Island called “Spin A Long”??? Coincidence? Nope. But I will admit, I need more here besides a little “spinning” at the end of an enormous elephant trunk. I need some more connectables. While I do that and finish writing up my Babylon slash Dumbo discovery (yawn), you go ahead and relax. Enjoy the FIRST TIME EVER view!