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surma map image


Geographical land anomalies that correlate with popular historical myths are quickly becoming the norm. My latest, with three more in the pipeline, is the above map image of the watery area located around Finland\Sweden, extending southwards, out the bottom left hand side.  The Lakes and waterways that comprise this area\image are: Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland, Lake LaDoga, Gulf of Riga, Skagerrak Strait and Kattegat Sound.

The totality of these waterways, creates such an interesting and unique image, that I couldn’t wait to begin hunting its “Myth”. At this point in my research, every time I came across one of these unique lands features, I was 100 percent certain that a correlating, historical myth would be found. In proving this theory again, I will present the Google map image of this unique geographical land shape\feature\image. I will identify a corresponding myth and start analyzing the Google Map image against the myth. This analysis will preclude and assume, nothing. Everything around and within this land area, will be scrutinized and vetted against all information pertaining to the myth. And I do not care where it comes from. I have used Wikipedia, Comic books, Movie Posters, Historical Art to random and obscure message board posts. From resources scholarly or not, I will look to embrace all and any information I can uncover about these myths. Anything. Because, I have seen even the most inane blurb in the most remote spot, point me in the direction of  37 “Making History” Blvd and 118 “Solved this myth” street. That is why nothing will be discounted or overlooked in my following case\theory.

Here is my first ICWUDT. Keep an open mind. Think “real-life” not fantasy. Remember humans have been carving “Art” into Mother Earth for centuries and are still doing so with structures like Mt Rushmore and the currently unfinished, Crazy Horse Memorial. Remembering this goes along way in buffering my subsequent theories against any quick dismissals, as I have history and precedence on my side. Now excuse me while I dissect this frog err myth!



Here is the Google map image of the interesting geographical land area in question:


surma map image


Starting with the most prominent feature of this land image, the “mouth” area, I figured a “Finnish Mythology” Google Search was a logical first step. Upon searching, one of the first myths I encountered was the myth surrounding Surma. Surma is a character in the Finnish mythology of Kalevala. The following is an excerpt from this document:


“Surma is a terrible beast, embodies sudden, violent death and guards the gates of the Tuonela to prevent escape. It is often described as being a large dog with a snake-tail and can turn you into stone”.


This description is consistently repeated in varying publications, papers and available online research. From this, I am comfortable in accepting the consensus depiction of Surma\Fenrir being “a large dog with a snake-tail”. Taking this conclusion, I now looked to apply this description to the map image. In the map image below, I have traced or outlined (in red) the area\anomaly I see in the above Google map:


surma map image outlined


Wow!! Snake-tail, CHECK. Upper area possibly Doggish? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK. Looks like the upper body of a large barking dog, with a perceived, snake-like tail running out the end. Matches up pretty well I think, to the propagated depiction of Surma\Fenrir. What are the chances right? Of a legendary tale originating from Finland, about this killer Dog-Beast, Snake-Creature, who’s stated depiction, highly resembles the surrounding geographical waterways? Not crazy high? Stupidly low? More convincing needed? I have more..

The “Tell” or the “finding” that further cements my belief that what I am looking at, is indeed what I suspect it to be, will be common in all my ICWUDT posts. Common, not because I demand it as part of my research, but common because I keep coming across them in relation to these map images. To somewhat expound upon, when I find an unique anomaly, my interest is peeked. When I find a subsequent myth that matches said anomaly, my breathing starts to get a little irregular. When I find the “Tell”, my heart just about explodes at the thought of possibly uncovering something significant. So this indicator to me, “Tells” me that I am definitely on the right path and looking in the right direction.


So much “Tell”, so little “Tell”?? What gives?


The first Surma\Fenrir “Tell” is the name of the Lake that comprises the front portion of the lower jaw\mouth of the Google map image. The name of the Lake is LaDoga or The Dog! Dum Dum Dum!! The second “Tell” is of the “Most” “First” “Tallest” variety of “Tells”. Its another anomaly within an anomaly. This is a “Largest” tell,  as in its not the 8th largest or 19th largest lake in all of Europe, it is the LARGEST lake in all of Europe!!  This is highlighted below in a Wikipedia screenshot. Double dum dum dum!


ladoga largest lake


To quickly recap, I am looking to prove that the above land area near Finland is the basis for the Surma/Fenrir myth. The myth is about a giant, Wolf-like dog that is bound to the Earth. In the above research I have found a lake coincidentally named “The Dog”, that resides within this land area. Moreover, this lake just happens to be the “Largest” lake in ALL of Europe!! Two incredible pieces of circumstantial evidence. Evidence that will be used to further prove my case. And this is just the beginning!! As there are more incredible discoveries to come in this series. Hope you enjoyed this fresh approach to animal err myth dissection.

In “Finnishing”, an often-used Finnish metaphor is “surman suuhun”, “into Surma’s mouth“. Again, the most prominent area of this land image, is the “mouth” area. And from this, one can see where a phrase like “into Surma’s mouth” may originate from. Especially in Finland, being that its land area is mostly contained within said “mouth”.

In keeping your interest level peaked, I will leave you with two tantalizing tidbits: One, Surma\Fenrir famously gets a sword to the mouth which results in chronic droolitis. Two, using the image below, I found the Real-Life “Mythical” stones, that Surma\Fenrir was alleged to have been tied to!!




* In the interest of keeping everyone on the same page, this an depiction of Surma\Fenrir. The body (brown area) of the above depiction is water. By interpreting the above as a watery area, I was able to read the “map” and find the mythical stone. This beautiful Giant Boulderess will be UnEARTHed in my next Surma\Fenrir post.


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