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“Change your thoughts and you change your world” -Norman Vincent Peale


This post should be entitled “I THINK I see what you did there” as the “finding” is tenuous at best. Its something I was playing around with in researching the Canis Major constellation. In that research, I toyed around with the idea of taking up and bringing it down. Taking the generally accepted celestial “map” of a constellation and applying it to our World Map. To “see” if these two maps have anything in common. See if any of the celestial points line up with any interesting Earth points.

In my Canis Major research, I made what I thought to be some interesting correlations once I overlayed the Canis Major celestial map to an area in the Middle East. One of these correlations led me to the “Most Alien like” place on Earth, Socotra Island. A beautiful but bizarre place that I may have never come across or discovered outside of this research. In being one that keeps coming across these “Most”, “Largest” and “Biggest” anomalies, I no longer find these accidents coincidental. I like to believe that these are links or pieces to a bigger overall picture. Solve one link or find one piece, then the rest of the puzzle becomes that much clearer.

What does this have to do with Fenrir\Surma\Garm (FSG)?

In my upcoming Aquarius research, I found the Earth feature from researching the constellation. Since I have found the FSG Earth feature, I figured I would poke around for a matching constellation. And if there is a matching constellation, do the celestial map points match up to anything within the FSG Land feature. So to begin, I needed to find a “wolf\dog” constellation. Or information to which celestial arrangement FSG was affiliated with. In searching for this information, I came across this obscure yahoo groups post below:

Original post here

 “In my last post I tried to make a connection between the constellation Scorpius and the hellhound of Germanic myth. The link that might connect the two figures is the bloody breast of the whelp mentioned in Baldrs draumar – compared to the breast of Scorpius with the red super giant star Antares.
Speaking about the constellation Scorpius we have to be aware that the CURRENT shape is different from the ORIGINAL shape that included two big claws. These claws were later cut off and turned into the seperate constellation of Libra, the balances.
If we assume that the bound Fenrir who is said in Gylfaginning to have a gaping mouth is also connected to the constellation Scorpius than the answer to the riddle of the gaping mouth is easy: The northern and southern claw of the ORIGINAL Scorpius are the upper and lower jaw of Fenrir.
If we furthermore assume that Odin is depicted in the constellation Orion (there are a lot of hints, e.g. Orion has two dogs, nowadays known as Canis Major and Canis Minor and Odin has the two wolves Geri and Freki)than we find in the end a parallel story in the Greek myth: in Greek myth Orion is killed by a scorpion (=Scorpius) and in Germanic myth Odin is killed by the appearance of the Fenris-wolf (=Scorpius).


You may care about anything you want in the above passage, the only part I care about is, that the Scorpius constellation may represent Fenrir. Even though the information is coming from someone probably not scholarly enough to take as factual, I for one accept all information from wherever I can get it. Because its ultimately my analysis that will determine if this fits my mental picture or story. If not, I discard and keep looking. But since we are here, I will utilize this Scorpius connection. In the interest of shutting up and posting this research, here is a picture of the Scorpius Constellation:




Its the green stick figure in the middle with one of its stars being Antares. Kind of interesting eh? Little snakelike tail out to the left with room enough to interpret a big ole flippity flappity mouth to the upper right. Two things prominent in the FSG Earth feature. For the interest of keeping confusion to a minimum, I have reposted the FSG Earth image again below. I will be overlaying the constellation drawing above (green stick figure) on top of this map image. Well one without the red outline:


surma map image outlined21


Again, the reason I am doing this is to see if I can draw any parallels between Celestial and World\Earth maps. Primarily to satisfy a wild hunch and my curiosity. To make the overlay clear as to my intentions, I used a paint editing program to cut out the Scorpius constellation in the above picture. I will take that cutout and lay it over the FSG map image, merging it and saving it. See below for this image:


surma map image w scorpius1


Starting with the bottom left of this image, I noticed several points or stars, that lined up pretty nicely with some cities. More specifically, the cities of Hamburg, Szczecin and Gdansk all interestingly align with the Scorpius overlay.  Adding to this intrigue, the overlay lines up incredibly well with Gotland Island (the island below the words Baltic Sea) and Stockholm. And at the bottom of the tail, it seems if properly sized (overlay sized the best I could) a star would probably correspond rather nicely to Gothenburg as well. See below for an edited image (red arrows) of the above:


surma map image w scorpius2


In looking at the remaining upper right half of the overlay, the overlay didn’t size particularly well. So its sits up higher than the rest of the overlay. Ideally, the very next black point or star after Stockholm would match up lower with the city of Turku. Despite bending this angle down a bit, the overall shape and positioning is still largely the same. Meaning I didn’t wildly alter it to fit my theory or hunch. The last section would be the mouth area of both the map image and the overlay. If you take out the middle point of the overlay, then the upper and lower angles would obviously fit the “mouth” representation of the map image. Quite literally, its and open wedge that can be interpreted as being mouth-like. In the below picture, I hand drew the same overlay (slightly bent in red) but larger and more appropriately scaled:


surma map image w scorpius3


As you can see, if you slightly readjust the neck of the overlay, the stars then intersect with some more interesting points like Helsinki and St Petersburg. What does this all mean? No idea as of this moment. All my research ended here as I decided to spin up this website\blog. On the surface though, I find the alignment between these two maps highly suspicious. But its two early to formulate exactly why they would match up like this. Though I have several internal “stories” brewing as to what this could mean, cough “Celestial Map and World Map look to be one in the same” cough, I’d prefer to flesh this out quite a bit more before prematurely surmising such an outrageous thought. But for right now, this has my Spidey senses  tingling and the storyteller in me furiously penning a new tale.

But thats it. Thats all my research or evidence into this Fenrir\Surma\Garm myth. I hope you enjoyed my fresh approach to this age old topic and the subsequent conclusions drawn. I hope you were able to “see” the evidence presented and possibly understand “What They Did There” and why. In the last post of this series “What does it all mean?”, I will attempt to surmise what this all may mean and offer up additional areas for future research or further reverse engineering.

Up next is Aquarius. And trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this series….


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