ICWUDT: Poseidon – Pt2



 “Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought.” -Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


In further proving that this geographical face is indeed, someones face. Most likely the face of Poseidon. I say most likely because I am still teetering between him and Zeus. A small part of me thinks the Trident land feature could be Poseidon, in his entirety with the face then belonging to Zeus. For the most part, I still believe this to be Poseidon. In that first part, I left off with a second “Tell” to be revealed. Again, for me, “Tells” are things like “The Largest Lake in Europe”, “The Most Alien place on the planet” or “The first so and so”. Basically more anomalies within these anomalies. As these “coincidences” are not coincidences when you find real-life, mythical anomalies near by. At least, its highly suspicious behavior which begs further scrutiny.

This second “Tell” is of the “Most” variety of coincidences. I happened upon it a day after a discussion about “sitting at the head of a table”. Just filler chatter about practices and meaning. Nothing to deep. But it was something that stuck and resurfaced as apart of this research. With that in the back of my mind and while thumbing through the historical depictions of Poseidon, I noticed in addition to his head positioning and the obvious Tridents, he was occasionally depicted with a crown. Not in any of the historical portraits but in more of the mainstream, pop depictions of him. See a few of these “crown” images below:











Nothing to really “see” here with these crowns. Though I found the crown in the last image to be uniquely interesting, as its prominent centerpiece, highlighted the area of the head I was going to be looking at. Essentially what this did for me, it got me thinking “head”. Thinking about and looking at, his head area in these portrayals. Looking at his head area on Google Maps. Finding the “curl” area of the head interesting. Then the “head of the table” thought resurfaced. Which then morphed into a “head of crown” or the “head of Poseidon” thought. Meaning, I started to wonder if there was any importance around being at the “head” of this geographical face. Any importance of being at the “head” of this supposed crown? See below for an edited (red arrows) image of Poseidon’s land face with the area being discussed highlighted:


greek image1_edirne


In the area highlighted above, I want to know, if I zoom in, will I find something interesting sitting at the top\head of this geographical face. See below for a zoomed in Google map shot of the area in question:


google map face edirne


In looking at this zoomed in image, its quite clear where my research and hopes, begin and end. Its the only city of size denoted in this area. That point is highlighted below:


edirne map


Edirne, Turkey. Ever hear of Edirne, Turkey prior to now? I would be highly impressed as I had not before embarking on this research. Now that I have identified Edirne as my “its this or nothing” target, I Googled “Edirne”. My first click was on the Wikipedia article below:

Link to Wiki page

In reading this page, my minds eye was keeping a separate lookout for words like “most”, “first”, “oldest”. The “Tell” words. About a quarter of the way through this article, I ran into a “Most”. See below for screenshot:


edirne wiki entry edited


The city of Edirne is “the most contested spot on the globe”. Whoa! Who knew that? Supremely impressed if anyone knew that. So digest that for a moment contextually against previous known history. Throughout ALL of history, ALL the wars and conflicts, Edirne is the most fought over place on Earth!! Just wow. Out of left field shocker. Kind of makes you re-evaluate what you know or thought you knew about history. This one was a little bit of a mind blower. I mean, from what I am looking at, what were they fighting for? What is so important about this area that it received this designation? From this alone we know something of importance HAS to be here. Sooooo…

What are they fighting over? In the limited amount of research I have done on this topic, the only importance this City or region held, was as a trading post. As it sits at a confluence of rivers. So for a period of time it was an important Trade center. But there have been many other, much more “confluential” Trading posts throughout history. Hudson Trading Post being the only one that comes to mind right now. Why is this post not the “most fought after spot on Earth”? Why not any of the other more influential Trading posts throughout history? To finish off the questioning, I believe being an influential trading post is NOT why Edirne is the “most fought after spot on Earth”. If it were the case, all other trading posts would rank highly on the “contested” land list?? So why then?

I believe its the “most fought after spot on Earth” because it sits at the supposed head of this geographical face of Poseidon. Why the hell this would be important and what does “sitting at the head” signify or garner you? No franking idea. Not until I can perform an exhaustive analysis of all items uncovered here. For example, I have to research all Islands and land areas that makeup Poseidon’s geographical face. These need to be vetted for any additional “Tells” or evidence in supporting my case. For now,  I don’t have the complete picture to fully “see what they are doing here”. Nor enough “myth” background to start extrapolating a why.

That concludes my Poseidon research. The plan is to circle back once all my initial research has been upload. In the mean time, the Aquarius series is next. Its my biggest and initial discovery. You don’t want to miss it…


UPDATED: I forgot to cover something VERY interesting I found. Something I think helps strengthen my case just a tad bit more. I found a “face” in the below theatrical poster for the movie Poseidon. A “face” that I believe subtly points to Poseidon’s geographical face. Tell me this aint wild and anomalous!!




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