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“The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…”
Isaac Asimov



Man, I feel for those who have spent their life’s work on trying to crack these coded Mythological events. Because figuring out the Prometheus Myth took me all of three minutes last night from beginning the end. Normally I love over-exaggerating for maximum impact but in this case, it really was that easy. Well easy, once you begin to understand why and what they did there.

In the interest of brevity due to a growing pile of research to parse and present, thanks Promo, I will keep this short and get to the point.


How I found Prometheus:


1. I started a Google Search for “Top Mythology Forum” as I was looking for sites to start disseminating my findings\information too. The very first search result returned was for a site called mythforum.com. Upon clicking this link, I was taken to the Mythology forum on their website. In viewing this forum thread, a posting entitled “Prometheus and his secret” caught my eye. And since cracking secrets is my thing, I took a peek inside.


2. The following image is a screenshot of the first post in this thread. Click on image to view larger. Click here for the link to this thread post.


thread post for website


3. From the thread posting, this part was Yahtzee: “Zeus had Prometheus bound to Mt. Caucasus”.


thread post for website edited


4. Knowing “bound” literally means etched into\onto the Earth’s surface and seeing “Mt” as in mountain, I immediately knew what I would be looking for. A face. More specifically, Prometheus’s face etched somewhere into\onto this mountain range. And since the Poster was kind enough to include the “where’, I started giggling like a school girl at the though of Prometheus looking back at me on the next mouse click.


5. Google Searched on “Mt Caucasus”. “Mt Caucasus” must not be a thing anymore so the Google Map re-centered upon Mt Elbrus. Even before clicking on the Google Map link, in the little preview box the search provides, I could see Promo in all his glory. <Insert heart explodes>. Officially clicking the link, I zoomed out a few clicks and was presented with the breathtaking image below….luuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh


google map image


google map image edited


That folks, is what I believe to be the “muse” behind the Prometheus Myth. Funny huh? Well, I am laughing my ass off. All the information needed to decipher this myth was given as exact and was right in front of our face the whole time. Where and how, what more could a person ask for? “Bound” to Mt Caucasus and found on Mt Caucasus, funny.


In finishing, since “finding” Prometheus last night, my amount of research on this topic is scant. What I do have, I will include below. Immediately following, you will find some passages referring to Prometheus from the Famous book “Mythology” by Edith Hamilton. And below that you will find multiple historical images depicting Prometheus “bound” to a mountain. Clicking on the Image Window open up an interface in which you can scroll through the pictures. My hope if to further ingrain the “of the earth” “bound to the earth” themes presented, as this adds to my circumstantial case being presented.


Passages from the book “Mythology”:

mythology phrase proof3




mythology phrase proof2






mythology phrase proof1














Gallery of Historical Prometheus “Bound” depictions:


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