ICWUDT: God’s Lake



“Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness, and falls, as a golden link into the great chain of order” -Edwin Hubbel Chapin


From the above quote, if “Aquarius” is the discovery then this next part could be considered the anomalous “golden link”.  We left off at the above unveiling of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. I finished with a “bombshell” teaser. The teaser tidbit was to pay attention unto which the water pours. You were told if you followed this, you would find Aquarius’s secret. This secret also happens to be the most incredible “Tell” a person could ask for. Before revealing Aquarius’s secret, let me start by posing a scenario.

Scenario, you are given a nameless Lake and are asked to give it the holiest most religious name possible and to place it in the holiest most religious place on Earth. What would that name be? And where would it be located? Holy Lake in Jerusalem? Christ Lake in Mecca? Jesus Lake in Tibet? If you guessed these, you would be off by half a world.

What if I told you the “Holiest” named lake in the world is located in Upper Canada, near Manitoba. See below picture for this area highlighted:



godslake solo



The question now becomes, why here? Why would someone take the “holiest” name we know and affix it to some obscure lake in the middle of the Arctic tundra, that is Upper Canada? Could this be why:






This “holy” lake that is highlighted in the above image with the red circle isssssssssssss….GODS LAKE!! See below map image, with name:



gods lake map image



The ONE and ONLY Gods lake in the world. Located here, beneath the “pour” of Aquarius. Had this been named “Lucy lake” or “Crystal lake”, I would of been more apprehensive about the absoluteness of this discovery. But being named GODS LAKE, there was no longer any doubt in my mind. This was absolutely everything I think it to be and possibly more. Gods Lake confirms the Aquarius land image\feature in the above pictorials. 100%, because this land image symbolically pours unto Gods Lake, not by accident but by design. I say symbolically because there are no physical “water pouring” land features to point out. I cannot highlight a map area and say “this represents the water spout”. Because there are no matching map features to support this. What I will show you, so you dont think I cherry picked Gods Lake, is the area on the map where the water spout is assumed to be. The point is to show you that Gods Lake was the only land feature of size, “poured” upon. See map picture below:






The above arrow markers, highlight significant land features “covered” by the supposed “pour”. The green arrows represent two lake areas high up within the assumed “pour”. These were dismissed due to their proximity. Below these two lake areas, you can “see” that no other significant land features\objects exist until you reach the red arrow area. This area was located enough distance away from the urn, that it seemed to represent an accurate length of “pour”. Meaning, if there was anything of significance to be found in relation to this “pour”, it would be found right about here.  Being that the land feature directly below this red arrow was much larger in size, I decided that was going to be the area I investigate further with my next mouse click. Greatest mouse click ever!! Because as we now know, that’s Gods Lake.

I mean, the odds and statistics behind such a COINCIDENCE are too mind boggling to calculate let alone ponder. Its no coincidence. Its not happenstance. Its was done with purpose and involves a insane level of symbolic meaning, planning and time. Meaning that I am just scratching the surface of, to both understand and to articulate. I will end this part here. In the subsequent posts, I will look to broaden the links made here. To strengthen the “great chain or order” and to strengthen my case that this is indeed Aquarius. So check back shortly, as I will be putting the Aquarius constellation under the microscope and dissecting it against “Earth” Aquarius. You don’t want to miss this.




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