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“Since ancient times Aquarius was called the “water-bearer” and is symbolized by the Face of a Man in the Book of Revelation as one of the fixed signs of the zodiac”


UPDATE: My research has found that Aquarius is ALSO the First Man ADAM

Reader(s), meet the divine Aquarius. Divine Aquarius, meet my Reader(s). Whaddaya think Reader(s)? Exquisite? Breathtaking? A little Mind bending?? Not seeing it? No problem. You will by the end of this post and trust me, its something that you cannot unsee. In the greatest way possible of course!! Because this is History making! Something that has never been found, uncovered or unveiled before. Once in a lifetime stuff here. So jump aboard and get strapped in, because I am about to get all Bob Ross on the above Google map image.


But before I do, I suppose some context would be nice. To get right to it, I believe that the geographical series of land features captured in the Google map picture above,  come together to create a real life, etched into the earth image, of an American Indian Water Bearer. I believe this land marvel is the muse or basis for Aquarius Mythology. Including the matching mythology of differing groups. Like the Sumerian, whose water bearing God “Ea” is their Aquarian counterpart. Which is also synonymous to the Babylonian God “Enki”. Meaning, multiple myths may be harmed in the making of this theory. Unveiling this image is only part one. In a series of subsequent posts, I plan to layout my “case” with additional research and history making discoveries. Seriously, your bucket list will have a new number one place to visit by the time this series ends. I know its the new number #1 on my list, easily! So my apologies if this beginning was brief but I promise by the end of this Aquarius series, the whole picture will be complete (pun intended).


That was my context now here is the mythology and constellation context. Immediately below are some depictions and excerpts that provide some background into the Aquarius Mythology and Constellation:



Aquarius Constellation:




“In the first century CE, Ptolemy’s Almagest established the common Western depiction of Aquarius. His water jar, an asterism itself, consists of Gamma, Pi, Eta, and Zeta Aquarii; it pours water in a stream of more than 20 stars terminating with Fomalhaut, now assigned solely to Piscis Austrinus. The water bearer’s head is represented by 5th magnitude 25 Aquarii while his left shoulder is Beta Aquarii; his right shoulder and forearm are represented by Alpha and Gamma Aquarii respectively.”

“Aquarius is one of the oldest constellations. As a water-carrier, his fame goes back to the Babylonian empire where his image was carved in stones. Vital information about Aquarius was always included in the ancient star catalogs of Ptolemy, Aratos of Soli, and Eudoxos of Knidos.”


Aquarius Mythology:




“Aquarius was known as the God of the Waters to the Egyptians, Greeks and others who experienced dry climates in their regions. In Greek mythology Aquarius is also identified as Ganymede who was carried off by Zeus disguised as an Eagle. He was carried off to Olympus to be the cup-bearer to the Olympian gods”



Ganymede\Aquarius Myth: “Ganymede was abducted by Zeus from Mount Ida, near Troy in Phrygia. Ganymede had been tending sheep, a rustic or humble pursuit characteristic of a hero’s boyhood before his privileged status is revealed. Zeus either sent an eagle or turned himself into an eagle to transport the youth to Mount Olympus….In Olympus, Zeus granted him eternal youth and immortality and the office of cupbearer to the gods, supplanting Hebe. Edmund Veckenstedt associated Ganymede with the genesis of the intoxicating drink mead, which had a traditional origin in Phrygia. All the gods were filled with joy to see the youth, except for Hera, Zeus’s consort, who regarded Ganymede as a rival for her husband’s affection. Zeus later put Ganymede in the sky as the constellation Aquarius, which is associated with that of the Eagle (Aquila). A moon of Jupiter, the planet named for Zeus’s Roman counterpart, was named Ganymede by astronomer Simon Marius”





To recap, Aquarius is a constellation of stars and a mythological god. Water is its primary and prevalent theme. In both cases Aquarius is depicted as a pourer. A bearer of drinks or of life giving water. To get your mind right before the big unveiling, I will now present some images of Water Bearers. Dont spend to much time “seeing” anything, as that is not the purpose of this exercise. The purpose is to re familiarize yourself with the image of a Water Bearer. I want you to “see” how the urn is held under an arm. “See” that most of the images depict the “pouring” of water out from the Urn. The “pouring” motion is very symbolic and important here. Remember this, as it makes my upcoming Bob Ross piece pop. Pouring makes it pop. Lastly, where the poured water lands is insanely important. So pay attention to upon whom, the Pourer is pouring. See below for some random Water Bearer pictures pulled from Google Images:


Date: 1964-03 Location: Majhthana, Kaski Description: Brahmin (Bahun) women bringing water up to their village in the dry season. The water source was farther from the village at that time of year, down closer to the Madi Khola. The trail leveled out here and they began singing folk songs.

Date: 1964-03
Location: Majhthana, Kaski
Description: Brahmin (Bahun) women bringing water up to their village in the dry season. The water source was farther from the village at that time of year, down closer to the Madi Khola. The trail leveled out here and they began singing folk songs.






Notice the headware in the above picture. Most wear garb in some form or fashion on their head to aid in carrying their urns.










Wow, I really thought that there were more quality images available. Well these will have to do. Remember, holding urn under arm, water pouring out of urn and seeing where the water lands. We good? Great. Bob Ross time! Here is the unadulterated Google map image from above again:




Before drawing in, let me start by pointing out the main features; the face, the arm and the urn. First the face. Below is the above image notated with the same image cropped in to the right:





Few people “see” it right away and most see it after I outline the figure. Which boat are you in? Well my answer is obvious as I saw a face looking back at me on Google maps while researching one night. But make no mistake, that IS a face. The level of detail is so ridiculous, I can discern the ethnicity of the person. Definitely Native American. Which makes all the sense in the world being that this is indigenous land.  All facial features are present. You can see the chin, which leads up to the mouth with upper lip. The eye with what looks to be a tuft of hair over it. Above that would be the headress. Below the chin and down the side of the face, looks like the end of a hair braid.  If it has all the pieces then it must be right? Eh, dont answer that. I want the pleasure of knocking your socks off in the subsequent posts of this series. But we continue on, in the next image the “urn” area is annotated on the left with a the same area shaded in green on the right:






In the image on the left, the upper green shaded land area aka upper part of the urn, is Sand Lakes Provincial Park. The lower remaining portion is Amisk Park Reserve aka lower part of the urn. These two designated land areas make up what I believe to be an urn. Both are fantastic reverse engineer points and on my “to do” list for further research. Especially interested in who designated these specific land parameters, that just happened to form an urn. Highly suspicious behavior. In ending, the below image will be a repeat of the others. In the left image I will point out the arm. In the right image, I will attempt a crude (Remember you are here for the info not the Art) outline of the area:






Yea thats bad but I think you will get the point. Whats interesting and if you look close enough, the “fingers”, appear to be fashioned in the “giving you the horns” position? Maybe its a Google Map shade thing but looks like “horns” to me. Anyways, those were the main features of this land image. Now on to the main event. Please remember that this is only the BEGINNING! I have much more compelling evidence, that goes along way in corroborating this discovery. In saying that, I present for the FIRST time in its entirety….AQUARIUS: THE WATER BEARER!


Form outlined:




Final with shading:





I really wanted to show Aquarius minus the water spout but I could not find that pic. Point for this being, when I first outlined and shaded this in, the water spout had not entered my mind yet. I stopped at the urn and commenced the discovery celebrations. It wasnt until after that, I added the spout to finish a complete depiction of Aquarius. I am thankful for that diligence because it provided the first concrete proof that this is truly Aquarius. Its by far the most convincing piece of evidence I have. But that evidence will have to wait until the next post. In the mean time, feel free to take the initiative and see if you can find my “What the wut?” bombshell with the provided information. And then book your travel plans. Next post will be up shortly.


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