ICWUDT: Ark of the Covenant

Lincoln memorial at night. Washington, D.C.

How I found the Ark:

*NOTE: Yes, I found the Ark from watching the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie. I have since confirmed this discovery using “real life” information\data.

  1. From the movie, The Raiders of the Lost Arc, the following image is from the scene in which Indiana Jones is looking to use the staff and sunlight to identify the location of the Ark within the structures depicted on the floor.


  1. Using the same image, I have highlighted the left most obelisk in red. This represents the Washington Monument Obelisk.


  1. I Googled the “Washington Monument”. The below image was one of the first search results returned:


  1. The Arches in the above structure, are the Lincoln Memorial Arches. These arches match the same arch infused structure depicted next to the obelisk in the below image from the movie. These arches are highlighted below in white:


  1. Adding on to the previous image, I have crudely pasted in the above modern day photo of the Washington and Lincoln Memorials. Both depict the same scene, Washington, DC.


  1. Now, what area\object did the beam of sunlight hit upon again? Where the beam of sunlight strikes, the Ark is assumed to be. This next image is of the area that the light beam stops upon, behind the Arches and inside of the Lincoln Memorial:


  1. The above photo shows the area where the light beam hits. More accurately, the light beam strikes the middle of this area, on top of that pedestal like stone mound. For visual reference, this area is highlighted (white) in the same image below:


  1. The light beam strikes a stone pedestal like mound inside of this structure, inside of the Lincoln Memorial. The only matching structure within the Lincoln Memorial is this:

lincoln pedestal cropped

Yes, the stone pedestal with which Lincoln sits upon, nicely lines up and accurately depicts the stone like pedestal in Steven Spielberg’s movie. My initial “movie based” conclusion was, if the Ark of the Covenant is indeed a true, real life object, it is located underneath Abraham Lincoln.

After some reality based fact finding, I have formulated a second similar but slightly different conclusion of what may constitute the “Ark” here at Lincoln Memorial. I will now outline this alternative conclusion. Following this will be a list of additional circumstantial links I have drawn from both the movie and my real life research of Abraham Lincoln.

How I identified\located the Stone Tablets, Aaron’s Rod and Manna

Now, no Ark of the Covenant can be found if the following items are not found with it. Why? Because it has been stated this exact way. Meaning, if it says there are three items found in the Arc, then three there will be. Since I have located the Ark, I have also been able to place the Stone Tablets, Aarons Rod and the Manna:

Stone Tablet

  • Anagram or another way to spell “stone” is “notes”
  • Anagram or another way to spell “tablet” is “battle”
  • Adding together you get “Notes Battle” or “Battle Notes”
  • Both of Lincoln’s Addresses at the Memorial, are etched in stone. The Inaugural Address is laid out side by side in three panels. Three stone “tablet” like panels. See the highlighted image below:

Lincoln_Memorial_speech_smaller use

Lincoln_Memorial speech tablets small use

  • “And make two cherubim out of hammered gold at the ends of the cover. 19 Make one cherub on one end and the second cherub on the other; make the cherubim of one piece with the cover, at the two ends. 20 The cherubim are to have their wings spread upward, overshadowing the cover with them. The cherubim are to face each other, looking toward the cover. ”

Here are the two “cherubim” on the Atonement\Tablet cover exactly as described above:

Lincoln_Memorial_cherubim_small use

CONCLUSION: The engraved Lincoln speeches are “THE” Stone Tablets. The surface content of the speeches are “Battle Notes” or status updates on the progress of the Civil War. I also believe this “speech” can be deconstructed and deciphered further. In my limited attempt so far, I have been able to start forming alternate sentences. Meaning, I am 98% positive, the true “Commandments” are right before your eyes, hidden within Lincolns words.

Aaron’s Rod – Lincolns Birthplace National Historic Park

  • Anagram or another way to spell “Aaron Rod” is “Ra on a dor” or “Ra on a door”
  • Ra is a Major Egyptian Sun God still worshiped today
  • Google searched “Lincoln Memorial door”. Here are images of Lincoln’s most distinct door:



  • “Sekhmet is a solar deity and the daughter of the sun god Ra”
  • “She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians”
  • Sekhmet is depicted as a lion. Here are two images of Sekhmet statues. Pay special attention to the markings under the nose and the ring that runs outside and around the face:



  • Here is one of the statue images again. I have added highlights to identify the markings around the nose\mouth area. I have also highlighted the best I could, the “ring” around the necks:




  • The lion door knocker matches the markings seen on the Sekhmet statues. The whisker like markings around the nose matchup and the ring around the statues head, symbolizes the actual knocking ring. Meaning, the Lincoln door knocker is a Sekhmet “statue” or vice versa. Havent determined who is idolizing whom here. Interesting to note, the famous door at 10 Downing st London, has the same lion door knocker.
  • According to the bible Aarons Rod has “buds”. “Ra’s door” in the Lincoln Memorial also has “buds”. Using the above door image, I will highlight the three “almond” like objects on the door. The image will be posted after the pertinent bible passage below detailing the “budding”:

“Second, Aaron’s staff that had budded: The people, out of jealousy, rebelled against Aaron as their high priest. To resolve the dispute, God commanded the people to take 12 sticks written with the names of the leader of each tribe and place them before the ark overnight. The next day, Aaron’s rod from the house of Levi had budded with blossoms and almonds.”

p1020964_ra door buds


  • I believe those 3 objects represent the “buds’. This door at the Lincoln Memorial satisfies the biblical requirements of “Aarons rod”.

door knocker lincoln1


Manna or Mana

  • Anagram or another way to spell “manna” is “an man”
  • Anagram or another way to spell “mana” is “a man”
  • “In the Biblical account, the name manna is said to derive from the question “man hu”, seemingly meaning “What is it?”; this is perhaps an Aramaic etymology, not a Hebrew one. Man is possibly cognate with the Arabic term man, meaning plant lice”
  • Manna is possibly cognate with the Arabic term “man”
  • “man hu” is “human”
  • Abraham Lincoln is “a man”. Abe is the ONLY fixed man\woman\child present in the Lincoln Memorial.

Conclusion: “Manna” means “a man”. Lincoln just happens to be the only “man” present where “a man” is needed. This is where my second, slightly differing theory comes in to play. That the ENTIRE LINCOLN MEMORIAL is THE Ark. I say this because my initial theory was that Lincoln, was sitting atop the Ark. In finding all the “inside” Ark items outside of Lincoln, it no longer jives with the Ark being under him. There is also a need to satisfy the “facts” as stated in the bible. Satisfaction is achieved via the entire structure.

III. Additional confirmations found:

  1. “Holy Ark Man” is in the combined word “abrahamlincoln”
  • abrahamlincoln…holi arc man…holy ark man
  1. The alternate design proposal for the Lincoln Memorial included a Pyramid and a Ziggurat on top of the Memorial. In the previous movie images, I have concluded that we may be (we are) looking at a layout of Washington DC. To further prove that this movie scene is indeed a layout of the Washington DC area around the Lincoln Memorial, I will show you what the alternate proposal of the Lincoln Memorial looked like. And it looks like the movie image you have already seen. See photo with Pyramid and Ziggurat highlighted:


  • The red arrow signifies the Pyramid. The white signifies the Ziggaruat looking structure. What this all means, is that you are looking at the alternate design proposal for the Lincoln Memorial. Here is a link with some more information on the alternate design: John Russell Pope’s Alternate Design
  1. In further proving that the above depicted scene is Washington DC, I will now show you DC’s most famous strip of land, as it is shown in the movie. See the object highlighted in the below image:



  • The above highlighted object appears to resemble some sort of measuring stick. The reason I highlight it, is because it also appears to line up nicely with the famous Capitol strip. The long rectangular like stretch of land that runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building. This area includes the Reflecting Pool and the National Mall. Below you will find images of this area:



  • I believe that strip represents this tract of land in DC. Its positioning is accurate with reality. Once again, this proves that the above scene from the movie is depicting Washington DC.
  1. Lincoln bears the chain of the Ark Keeper.

While browsing the historical Art work of Lincoln, I was looking for something that would link him to the Ark. What I noticed was, in a few of his portraits, he wears a chain around the middle-lower chest area of his suits. Here are a few of those images for reference:




  • I don’t know the formal word for this Men’s fashion accessory but it looks like a chain with some sort of clasp. May be it’s hitched to a watch inside his jacket pocket. Now that I have identified something unique on and about Lincoln, does this same unique feature now exist around\on the Ark. Does any of the artwork depicting the Ark incorporate any chains and clasps? See below image for an ancient metal\stone relief of the Ark:


  • As you can see in the above image, there is a chain that runs across the bottom of the Ark. I have taken the same photo and highlighted the chain below:


  • Weak confirmable but I believe the chain Abe is depicted with, represents the chain we see above, which signifies some sort of bindment or Keeper to the Ark.
  1. Lincoln made of gold
  • There have long been rumors that the Abe Lincoln monument is made entirely out of gold and painted white. The reason this is relevant, is that the Ark is also supposedly made entirely of gold. Another coincidence? Nope. Not when everything is started to point in this one direction. Here is a link to an article about Abe being made of gold: http://hubpages.com/education/Secrets-of-the-Lincoln-Memorial “the “President’s Book of Secrets” featured in the movie “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” actually does exist. The book, which is rumored to contain the nation’s top 10 secrets, allegedly makes reference to the Lincoln Memorial. As ludicrous as it may sound some have a notion the book reveals the Memorial is really made of solid gold and painted white. The idea being if the American economy ever goes belly up, it will be melted down to pay off debts.”
  1. High Priest to visit the Ark on Yom Kippur
  • It is said about the Ark: “The Ark was placed in a special inner room known as the Holy of Holies, where the High Priest would enter once a year on “Yom Kippur”.
  • Pope Francis visited the Lincoln Memorial 2 days after Yom Kippur in 2015.


  1. This update pertains to Lincolns Birthplace National Park and to the lion door knockers that reside there. This Lincoln locale needs to be vetted against the “is the Ark here” criteria. Primarily, I’d like to find all 3 Ark items here. Aarons Rod has already been identified. I now need to confirm the existence of “battle notes” or his speeches within his National Park memorial. And I need to confirm that “manna” or “a man” exists within the structure as well. Something like a bronze statue of “a man”:


  • In continuing the limited amount of vetting I have performed on Lincolns Birthplace National Park, I came across the below Historic image of an Ark scene:


  • The first thing you notice is the Ark in the foreground. The second, is the columned structure in the background. The “columns” were the clue here as I immediately recognized them. Once I was sure “what” I was looking at, I now had to find matches to any of the remaining structures\items depicted. For instance, does my place have a fence line on both sides? Does it have three stone tables in a row? I have highlighted the items I am referring to in the below image. Fence marked with green arrows and the stone benches with red:


  • Now, can I find these structures present at the place I have identified? See below for an image of Lincolns Memorial Building at his National Birthplace Park:


  • Stone columns, check. That was the easy part. Now about those stone benches and that fence line? I see two stone benches up front, but anything 3-in-a-row? See below image with the stone benches highlighted (red) along with what I believe represents the “fence line”(green):


  • 3 stone benches present, check. Tree line nicely represents the “fence line” albeit on the cheap. Here is an image with the historical picture and the Birthplace Memorial side by side with the areas of interest highlighted in both:

Figurelincoln bplace matches tabernaclels1

  • We have a match. Now, is THIS the true home of the Ark? Could be, still more research needed. First impression, I “see” the Ark depicted in the foreground and outside of the fence line. This tells me it may not be “inside” THIS memorial. That it could lie outside or away from the memorial building. An exact distance I haven’t discerned but my thoughts range from across the street from the Memorial building to a distance that may stretch all the way to the Lincoln Memorial in DC. Meaning, the tabernacle, which tabernacle has “table” in it, as does Lincolns Cabin that is inside this memorial, would be represented by Lincolns Birthplace National Park Memorial. The Ark therefore could be a separate entity represented by the Lincoln Memorial in DC.

2. From Emancipation Proclamation the phrase “im on ark” is in the word “proclamation”

  • proclamation…im on arc…im on ark

3. I have formulated a third possible Ark theory. The “Ark” is a specific person. A person synonymous with the Messiah or the Chosen One.

  • UPDATE: Re-working this section

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